London Photo Studio

What Did I do?

  • Setting up the photo studio
  • Planned and organised photoshoots
  • Ecommerce photography
  • Studio management
  • Retouching 

Running my own photo studio  was the best way to become a better Creative Director  and to be able to create all the photographic  and video  material for the brand with total freedom. This experience taught me how to manage a creative team, that is so different to managing factory workers or a retail sales team.

After finding the right space in East London and buying all material needed, I started studying and practising. The biggest challenge was to learn how to use the flashlight in the right way to show our products in the best possible and consistent way. Finding the voice of the brand took around a month.
When I was ready, a few apprentices started to help me to organise and to shoot the sessions. This was a great experience and I could meet amazing young talented people in the way. I am proud to say that some of them are now professional full-time photographers